The Sentou Dojo is a private Dojo here in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We teach Japanese Jujutsu, Aiki Jujitsu and Philippine Arnis and Self-Defense.  Please contact us with any questions you may have. 270-904-4922. New or returning students please note payments are due on the first of the month. 

Please email sentoudojo@aol.com for information. 

If you are interested in private lessons. This can be done one on one with an instructor or semi-private lessons with up to three a small group of people at a time. Your lesson are geared toward a specific goal. It can be a short or long term goal. We keep each private student confidential. You will be scheduled around your available times. We offer for private lessons. Jujustu, Aiki Jujitsu, Kali/Arnis, Muay Thai. We also teach hand to hand combat/self-defense for individuals and small groups. We offer training to corporations, civic groups, community groups and clubs along with one on one individual training for people with the need to have this training kept discrete. We can custom design a program for your speicfic needs. We cover all areas and ranges in self-defense. Hand to Hand Combat, weapons, multiple attack, quick take down and restraint and more. Contact us with any questions or to set up a time to come by for a demonstration. To discuss cost please contact Sensei Williams at 270-282-3871.

Students and or parents,
please contact Sensei Williams
for access for this members only site. 
270-904-4922 or sentoudojo@aol.com
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